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Client Reviews

When it comes to fitness, Shae is one of the most knowledgeable people I have ever come across. He is also extremely approachable. Every time I had a question when it came to exercise or nutrition, he always answered it and always made me feel welcome. During my time with him, Shae was always able to push me very hard while at the same time respecting my personal limits.

Christian S.

I was profoundly stuck before I started working with Shae. I felt like I hadn’t made progress in years despite working very hard. Shae took all the guess work out of my work outs and taught me how to make progress in each session. I used to dread my workouts and now I look forward to training again. I’m making progress, and the people in my life are taking notice. I have changed the way I do a lot of things, and it hasn’t always been easy, but Shae has been there for me every step of the way with support and encouragement. If you are serious about wanting to change your life, Shae is your man.

Louie K.

Shae is an amazing and inclusive trainer. He is never pushy, but always supportive and writes great programs. I’m glad I’ve come back for a second round - his workouts are fulfilling and so easy to pick up as a beginner. I noticed a huge different after my first month of a program and can’t wait to finish 3 months this time around.

Mich M.

Shae is such great trainer. He is responsive, helpful and also very educated. His meal plans worked really well and I felt satisfied after every meal. All in all, I would recommend Shae to anyone. He genuinely cares about his clients and will motivate you to your goals. Would definitely do another client session again.

Elliot B.

My experience was excellent , beyond what I had expected. Shae Scott, is a great trainer by far the best one I've had. He is very professional and describes the workouts in depth also giving information on what muscles we are engaging. I really like Shae's training style , thanks to him my workouts are giving me great results.

Rita S.

Really personalized workouts geared towards what muscle groups you want to work on. Definitely saw results in a few weeks through circuit training utilizing the full body. Felt stronger and my endurance was building even more. Highly recommend working with Shae. He knows what he's doing and will help you get the best results!

Paras P.

Shae is very knowledgeable about fitness and extremely helpful. He’s very friendly yet professional and very punctual. He really motivated me to push myself and reach my fitness goals! He gave me a work out routine along with a meal plan that was accessible. He definitely provides high quality service. I highly recommend him for your fitness needs!!

Liz G.

Very easy to navigate! I like how it keeps track of how many workouts I’ve done. I can choose what workout I want to follow. I can track other activities! Shae’s response time to messages is great! Love this app!

Dani G.

Shae is the best - he's professional, flexible and supportive. I feel empowered in the gym knowing that he has my back. Frankly - I can't imagine realizing my fitness goals without him!

Mac L.

I feel stronger and healthier.

Erika R.

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